Special Christmas card

First we’ve presented several idea’s of a scene. Then I presented the customer a sketch. After a hilarious Photoshoot (the ‘models’ did not know to what kind of scene we’d planned.) After correcting the photo’s I started to draw the scene around the setup of the models. Then the finishing touch, and voila!

Sketch Donkey on Ipad

Ive started a sketch on vacation, now I’ve foud time to make it into a colored version. It’s quite fun to work on these persona project during evenings. This donkey looked to sweet now to draw.  

Reworking an earlier piece.

I am reworking a piece I painted last summer. I was not totally happy with the shadows and while working on that, I decided to try and change the color of the clothes as well. I am quit happy with the result and hope to find some time to create a new one in a…

Portrait of a woman

My eyes where caught by this photo of a beautiful woman (Nigeria) It was so much fun to use it as a reference for a new piece in a different style. For me it represents the feeling of summer! I am quite happy with the result, and try to make more portraits on a regulair…

woman of the world continued…

Id like to make sketches, sometimes I even color one of them. As I am working on the series Woman of the world, sometimes I forget to finish a piece. Now I want to push myself by making more colored versions of these sketches…. here’s one of them…

Almost Christmas…

Working on a view different books, this is the Christmas tale of  ‘Grandmother Kniertje’ . This is #3 in this Series about an old fashioned lady with open minded behaviour! Worth reading, in stores October 2018, #1 and #2 of the series are already in de shop http://www.buddybooks.nl, and in the local dutch bookstore

Door Dik en Dun

Coverontwerp voor Buddy Books ‘Door Dik en dun’ een bundel vol versjes van Rikkert Zuiderveld, Elly Zuiderveld, Bram Kasse, Alianna Dijkstra, Elise Mannah, Liesbeth Rood en Anne Ruhl. Verkrijgbaar vanaf september 2018 bij Buddy Books.

Art vs. Artist

These ‘doodles I’ve made first half of April. Wanted to do a project of personal interest, this is the theme I choose. Lets see if I can make it to 100 this year. It gives me pleasure to do these!

Young woman doodle

Saturday is my day for painting and doodles. I love everything about art, the process, and as I go I sometimes even love the struggle that goes with it. Learning art is hard. It takes a lot of effort, and years and years of practice. Most of the time I feel happy with the process….