For Svslearn Monthly challenge i decided to focus on storytelling and design instead of character or details. So I had some fun with sketching and composition and than I came up with a final sketch to build my colors. At first the scene was daytime, but since I love playing around with light I thought…


Finished this months svslearn challenge… Treehouse. Love working on these ‘free’ assignments. There’s so much to learn.

Critique in the newspaper

‘The extraordinary drawing style makes this book a lush for the eye.  Her mammals have big shiny eyes with lots of expression. The beautiful  colors and use of light makes it feel warm and gives it an atmospheric ambiance. ‘ We did not won the prize, but this feels like a really nice award!

Portrait of Joshua

Finished up a Commision I did for Ron Synakowski from Oklahoma, drawing a portrait of his son. Now I have to leave it to UPC to deliver it asap!

Papa Panov sketches

Working on a Christmas Tale, Tolsoj’s Papa Panov. The story askes for a classical style. Its a challenge to keep it consistent, but I love it.


Joined the SvsLearn Mermay contest. It was fun to work on this project!

Coloring a new children’s book

I am working on several children’s books at this moment. This one is coloring only, witch happens to be my favorite part of illustrating.