Young woman doodle

portrait evening gown

Saturday is my day for painting and doodles. I love everything about art, the process, and as I go I sometimes even love the struggle that goes with it. Learning art is hard. It takes a lot of effort, and years and years of practice. Most of the time I feel happy with the process. Sometimes I even feel happy with the outcome. Now as an Childrens book artist, sometimes you feel to narrow faced. I always try and learn something new. This year I want to draw womens portraits, paint more with oil and practice anatomic drawing. It would be great to practice one of these topics daily, but I do have lots of free lance work and with raising four boys its kind of Utopia to think so. So Thats why I use my weekends for these, and during the week, I try and spend one hour a day free drawing and practice. If you want to join me, and get tips and advices on drawing, feel free to post your drawings and doodles on my facebook page:

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