Art vs. Artist

These ‘doodles I’ve made first half of April. Wanted to do a project of personal interest, this is the theme I choose. Lets see if I can make it to 100 this year. It gives me pleasure to do these!

Young woman doodle

Saturday is my day for painting and doodles. I love everything about art, the process, and as I go I sometimes even love the struggle that goes with it. Learning art is hard. It takes a lot of effort, and years and years of practice. Most of the time I feel happy with the process….

Character Boy

Love these studies… WIP character boy, thinking about Yannick my youngest son.


Design for a new children’s book. Miss Dotty, and her sister.

Picking up the morning paper

Drawing characters is fun, it helps me to focus on new skills. First I start doodling, than I work on the sketch and start coloring.


Begonnen met een karakterontwerp voor een nieuw prentenboek…Meer volgt…

Character Design

Its nice to try out new brushes. Here Ive used an triangle brush. I use this one a lot. Its smooth but not like an airbrush, I do like a bit of a rough look, although during the painting its hard te keep it a bit bold, and don’t render out to much. It is a…