Portrait of a woman

My eyes where caught by this photo of a beautiful woman (Nigeria) It was so much fun to use it as a reference for a new piece in a different style. For me it represents the feeling of summer! I am quite happy with the result, and try to make more portraits on a regulair…

Young woman doodle

Saturday is my day for painting and doodles. I love everything about art, the process, and as I go I sometimes even love the struggle that goes with it. Learning art is hard. It takes a lot of effort, and years and years of practice. Most of the time I feel happy with the process….

Portrait of Joshua

Finished up a Commision I did for Ron Synakowski from Oklahoma, drawing a portrait of his son. Now I have to leave it to UPC to deliver it asap!

Coloring a new children’s book

I am working on several children’s books at this moment. This one is coloring only, witch happens to be my favorite part of illustrating.

2016 a Golden year

Thank you for all your amazing support this year, we’ve really had a golden year!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you all for your amazing support this year! Don’t you just love the texture of pastel? I love experimenting with this medium!

Groningen City -The colored version-1

Last summer my husband and I had a wonderful weekend out in Groningen City. I saw a nice street with a view on the Martini-Tower, a good reason to do some plein air painting…

World Animal day 2016

Ive asked my facebook connections to challende me to draw their favorite animal. They came up with these: gorilla, meerkat, dog, mouse, leopard, seagull, cat, lynx, tiger. Here are the first ones…  

wordless book

Its great but also hard to start ‘writing’ a story without text. The illustrations have to tell the story as there is no text to hold on to. With a little help from my partner, I think I am on the right track here….